The Hunger Games is a gamemode in Who's Your Daddy, where up to 8 Babies fight to be the last one standing. The Babies starts in a circle formation, encircled by Baby Gates, with a countdown from 10 to 1. When the countdown finishes, it will say "GO!", and items drop on the ground.

The items are the same as in Daddy's Nightmare:


  • Big Hammer: It's a big hammer.
  • Sword of Light: It's a differently coloured sword.
  • Bear Trap: Latches onto you if you come into contact with it and deals 20 damage.
  • Water Gun: Stops Babies from moving, just like the Baby Blaster.
  • Handcuffs: Prevents Babies from picking up weapons. Works the same like Butter.
  • Poison Grenade: When released, purple gas starts appearing and deals damage to Babies in its range.
  • Big Laser: Burns you if you come in contact with the red light. Works the same like dousing and coming into contact with a candle, except you aren't doused.
  • There's another thing that kills you if you come into contact with it, but the name can't be estimated.


  • Jump Pack: Gives you a Jump Boost, but only for 28 seconds. A Pepe will appear as a sign of Jump Boost. it has a gray color.
  • Speed Pack: Gives you speed, but without sprinting. Lasts 28 seconds. A yellow "⫸" symbol will appear as a sign of Speed. It has a red color.
  • Stamina Pack: Gives you unlimited sprint for 28 seconds. A running human will appear as a sign of Stamina. It has a magenta color.
  • Health Pack: Regenerates all of your health for 28 seconds. It has a white color.
  • Strength Pack: Mixes Jump, Speed and Stamina Packs, but also Strength, which makes the Baby big. It lasts for 28 seconds. The strengh one is represented by a strong arm.

Trivia Edit

  • The Packs look like Pills.