The Great Dadlympics is a gamemode in Who's Your Daddy, in which up to 8 Daddies fight to get the most points by doing the chores in the game.

Chore Points depend:

  • Put all the toys away!: 7 points
  • Put all the clothes away!: 5 points
  • Clean the Pool!: 4 points
  • Put the dishes away!: 5 Plates + 8 Glasses = 13 points
  • Cooking for Baby!: 4 Meat + 1 Chicken + 3 Salmon = 8 points
  • *Wash the Car!: 3 points
  • *Put the Smoke Detector Battery in the Smoke Detector: 3 points

* = If you do both, only the first one gives you 3 points. The second one mysteriously doesn't give you any points.

Trivia Edit

  • You can take other's points by reversing the chores.
  • Put all the clothes away! can't be reversed.
  • Wash the Baby! is the only chore that can't be done.
  • The maximum number of points is 40 (if both * would give points, then it would be 43).